How to suppress SQL Server's 5000 row query limit globally for OrmLite and AutoQuery?

I have over 5200 rows in a SQL Server 2019 database, but when I query using OrmLite only 5000 rows are returned.

private async Task<List<Position>> GetCombinedPositionsAsync(QueryPosition request)
        using var db = AutoQuery!.GetDb<Position>(Request);

        var find = new QueryPosition()
        var q = AutoQuery.CreateQuery(find, Request, db);
        var result = await db.SelectAsync(q);
        return result;  //should be 5200 results, but only 5000 returned from query

[Route("/api/report/position/data", "GET")]
public class QueryPosition : QueryDb<Position>, IGet

Is there any limit being applied here? (I am using ServiceStack 8.0.0 on Windows.)

I get the same 5000 limit when using AutoQuery instead of OrmLite

var result = await AutoQuery.ExecuteAsync(find, q, Request, db);

My understanding is that 5000 is a SQL Server query limit.

I can suppress the 5000 limit with the following:

q.Rows = 0; // needed to stop 5000 row limit

Is there a way to suppress the 5000 limit globally for all queries?

The AutoQuery Max Limit is set when you register the AutoQueryFeature plugin, otherwise OrmLite doesn’t impose any limits itself.

Great, that is perfect. Thank you.

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