How to update fields only whose values are changed?


I have POCO class which has some properties. e.g.
public Class OperatingSystem
public int Id {get;set;}
public string Name {get;set;}
public string Description {get;set;}

There is already some values in DB for Id e.g. 1, Name = ‘ABC’, Description = ‘D’.
Now, I want to update only those fields/columns from DB whose values are changed e.g. it could be Id = 1, Name = ‘PQR’, Description = Null. OR it could be
Id = 1, Name = Null, Description = ‘E’.
Overall, Service Stack OrmLite should detect fields whose values are changed than old values and update only those fields whose values are changed. Is there any method available which can do this ?
I know there are UpdateOnly method, however it needs to supply field names, but I can’t specify name of the fields as it is dynamic.

Thanks in Advance

No OrmLite is a POCO ORM that doesn’t do change detection by design, you can either update all fields, use UpdateNonDefaults to update fields that are not default(T) or you can use UpdateOnly APIs to only update selected fields.