HTTP details not logged to ELMAH.IO


We are using ELMAH.IO to log exceptions from the Web Service.
We have recently updated from 4.5.8 to 4.5.14

By some reason the 403 HTTP errors do not include any HTTP details anymore when sent to ELMAH.IO. They used to include that before. The details include URL, Cookes, and Server variables.

The LogManager is initialized in Global.asax.cs (Application_Start) like this:

var log4NetFactory = new Log4NetFactory(true);
LogManager.LogFactory = new ElmahLogFactory(log4NetFactory, this);

The error is thrown from the service method like this

throw HttpError.Forbidden(...);

I spoke with ELMA.IO support and they said that the errors before update were logged by ELMAH client and after the update they are logged by Log4Net client.

I cannot find any information about this in the Release Notes.

What changed?

Thank you,

Serge Matsevilo

I don’t recall any change in behavior, I’ve stepped through the Elmah + Log4Net test and it is raising an Elmah Exception before calling NLog.

If you can’t update to the latest v5 on NuGet you can try using a local copy of the latest Elmah files instead: