Ian Kaney - 172 - Yesterday 7:54 AM

I’ve been converting my project to use MsgPack rather than JSON (less bandwidth, etc) and I’ve noticed an issue with ConcurrentDictionary’s.

Basically, I’m getting “Entry point not found” exceptions (causing an uncaught exception in the apphost) when I’m using a ConcurrentDictionary(Of String, Object) within the object being transferred.

I’m still investigating, but the object in question which was causing the issues, I converted to a standard dictionary and it works fine now.

Basically MessagePack is an external serializer with its own set of limitations that you’ll need to stay within, if you find something you think it should support you can file an issue with the OSS project at: 

Ian Kaney:

No worries, it definitely is an issue with that project. Thanks for the info.