In AutoQuery Remove a Reference Field Class

This is my AutoQuery Service

public class QueryAudits : QueryDb<Audit>,  LeftJoin<Audit, AnimalPerformanceResult>

In my Audit Class I have a Field Reference AnimalPerformanceResult:

public Guid? ApRowId { get; set; }
public AnimalPerformanceResult AnimalPerformanceResult { get; set; }

In AutoQuery browser AnimalPerformanceResult display has a JSON structure.

Do we have a easy shortcut to remove AnimalPerformanceResult JSON structure, so the AutoQuery result look like a select * left join…


See this answer for different ways to ignore properties in serialization:

I want to ignore Reference only with some service. In this case AutoQuery is use has a reporting source. But I have other service for business logic that need Reference field.

The [IgnoreDataMember] attribute only applies to serialization so will not impact usage in OrmLite. If you want serialization to be different you would need to copy it into a different DTO without the properties you don’t want serialized.

Ok, Because I use the AutoQuery Browser as a tool for reporting (export csv) maybe I can consider to use a View or a Store Proc… In that case I would be able to modify the View or SP without re-deploying my back-end service.

Can I expose dynamics to one of the AutoQuery implementation. Any samples I can try.

No it needs to be a typed Request DTO.