Inital load with License Issues

I have a Licensing issue. I recently purchased the Indie OrmLite License. I’ve added the required codes as per the documentation:

string licenseFile = “~/license.txt”.MapHostAbsolutePath();
new AppHost().Init();

I still get the following error:

Additional information: The free-quota limit on ‘10 ServiceStack Operations’ has been reached. Please see to upgrade to a commercial license or visit

Since ServiceStack.Server is dependent on Redis, I cannot remove it and I don’t have a license for Redis (yet).

Unable to uninstall ‘ServiceStack.Redis.4.0.56’ because ‘ServiceStack.Server.4.0.56’ depends on it.

Would this be the reason why my license key is still not working?

You’ve purchased the OrmLite License which only enables unrestricted usage of ServiceStack.OrmLite.

But you’re trying to use it to enable unrestricted usage of the full ServiceStack Web Framework. Only the full developer license allows unrestricted usage of ServiceStack and all its packages.

Hi - quick response (nice!). So I need both the Redis and OrmLite licenses then. will that cover me? I am just one developer for now.

ok - I think I made a mess with my license now. I wanted to add an additional licences for the redis (which I thought would give me the access I need). So the purchasing process prompted to cancel existing subscription, which I did. Thinking that I would be able to add the new one as well. Well that is not the case. So I am stuck now as the process will only allow me to purchase a $299 license and I have already purchase the $149. (yesterday).

Please could you help on what options I have now in order to get the correct $299 license and continue to dev (what we all like most).


Hi, we’ve just issued a full refunded on your yesterdays purchase of the OrmLite Indie License.

Many thanks - Just got the new license now and all up and running. Awesome!