Inline Declarations

I’d like to be able to produce Open API specs with inline request and response schemas. Although this is possible via the filter, it undos a lot of generation and is messy.

I think a better approach would be to be able to set an InlineDeclaration property on the ApiAttribute. When true the model would be inlined everywhere is used.

I’m happy to make the changes and submit a PR, but want to get your feedback before proceeding.

Are you going to inlining schema only for specific operation or for all operations? I think It can be added to ApiAttribute maybe just better to name it InlineSchemaDeclaration or InlineSchema

Personally, I’d be using it for all operations (request and response DTOs) as well as types that are used in requests only.

I think in this case it would be more siutable to add property InlineSchemaDeclaration into OpenApiFeature class.

I’d need control of which Types to inline though. I’ll put a PR together later this week so we can continue the discussion on GitHub. Cheers