Integrate SStack authentication with SAML2 authentication flow (using component space)

I have used with success ComponentSpace (a third party library) to implement Single sign-on SAML2 based authentication with ADFS on an MVC web app and an web forms web app.

If the web site has not its auth cookie set it must redirect the browser to the ADFS login page with a proper saml request:this is done easily with a single static call to a componentspace method (all info are read from configuration file).

When authentication on ADFS is succesfull , ADFS redirect the browser back to a dedicated page where a call to a componentspace method extracts the saml response from the http request and a proper auth cookie for the web app is emitted with info extract from the claims in the token.

I was trying to figure out how to plug this flow in the authentication infrastructure of service stack, since we want to give service stack razor “a try” , instead of using MVC.

Unfortunately documentation didn’t help me a lot: I guess I have to implement my own custom auth provider, but I don’t understand from what base class should I inherit mine and what methods should I override.

Help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Have a look at the existing community Auth Providers which integrate with 3rd party Auth systems to see how they’re implemented.

Were you able to have success with this? We are considering a similar approach.