IPut in generated dto's

Hi Demis,
we’ve upgraded to 4.5.14.

We are heavily using the generation of typescript dto’s. Since the new release we have IPut also in the generated code in some places where we are using ss built-in dto’s like Authenticate. I see in the release notes that you added those.

This type is nowhere generated and the typescript compiler obviously fails because he can’t find IPut.

a) this type needs to be generated (how?)
b) remove that interface from dto’s

we tried also this.GetPlugin<NativeTypesFeature>().MetadataTypesConfig.ExcludeImplementedInterfaces = true; but didnt help either.

p.s the “release notes” on https://github.com/ServiceStack/servicestack directs to old release notes.

This should now be resolved from v4.5.15 that’s now available on MyGet.

thank you for the fast response & fix.