Is CallContext safe when my app is Self Hosted?

I have found that CallContext is cleared automatically in ASP.NET apps. Is this also true for ServiceStack SelfHosted apps?

Why use CallContext over HostContext.RequestContext?

I have found that RequestContext was switched to CallContext in Autofac.Extras.ServiceStack and I would like to know if this is safe for me.
Link to file where the change was made:

ServiceStack’s RequestContext is an abstraction which uses ASP.NET’s HttpContext.Current in ASP.NET Apps, AsyncLocal in .NET Standard / .NET Core Apps and only uses CallContext in self-hosting .NET Framework Apps that isn’t configured with RequestContext.UseThreadStatic=true (which instead uses a ThreadStatic Dictionary).

At the end of every request ServiceStack calls EndRequest() which frees the items in the request context.

If this is outside a Request Context in a .NET v4.6+ App you should use AsyncLocal instead.