Is there a MsgPack HttpClient?

In our solution we currently use the JsonHttpClient. However as this is an internal API, we would like to enabled MsgPack.

Is there a MsgPackHttpClient that can be a drop in replacement? I know there is a MsgPackServiceClient here but we want to make use of HttpClient under the hood.

No, there’s only JsonHttpClient.

Is there a reason for only that one using HttpClient in it’s insides?

We had serious deadlocks and problems with JsonServiceClient so I am very wary to use another non-HttpClient based client.

It’s the most popular and the only one we support on HttpClient.

The ServiceClient uses HttpClient behind the scenes in .NET Core and was fairly recently rewritten to use new async APIs instead of the old APM async APIs so I would try them again if you haven’t recently tried them.