Is there any documents for using ServiceStack on Mac

ServiceStack support mono is one of most important reason for me to try. My team use Xamarin to develop iOS and Android app, most of machine is mac, so i want to know, is there any solution template or documents to develop service on mac with Xamarin Studio, although we publish our service to windows server currently, we still want to migrate them to Linux server.

The few docs we have on running on Mono is at:

There’s nothing different about supporting Mono on the ServiceStack side and many of ServiceStack’s Live Demos will just run whilst there’s occasionally some additional packages that need to be installed to handle the differences in GAC, but Mono’s ASP.NET impl is not of the same quality as Windows/.NET which has perf and stability issues when given a large load which is why we don’t recommended it for high-traffic services. It runs fine for small workloads or cross-platform embedded solutions as seen in ServiceStack.Gap.

Ultimately it looks like the best chance of running production .NET websites on OSX/Linux is with MS’s CoreCLR and ASP.NET5 after it matures and implements a number of libs that’s currently missing.

@mythz it’s a good answer and help me a lot. I will run my service on the Windows server. But i still want to use Xamarin Studio to edit my ServiceStack project, i don’t know is anybody want to do this like me, i find visual studio do not as good as i use it on the Windows when i use it by Virtual Machine(Parallels Desktop) on my Mac (Mac and windows is so different), and i don’t have windows machine now. Do you have any good ideas? Could i create a project by VS (it has templete and plugin tools) and edit it and compile it on Mac by Mono.

I find I think this can resolve my problem. It’s too excellent to support Xamarin studio. We use it develop app, but now, i can try it to develop my server.