Java Client: Add all fields on @ApiMember annotation to prevent compilation errors

For example if the API definitions has ExcludeInSchema set, the autogenerated DTOs do not compile due to unrecognized field on the annotation.

Can you provide a copy of the DTO Types that doesn’t compile?

When you autogenerate the client in Java. The interface is being generated with ExcludeInSchema (missing in the ApiMember annotation). The attribute ExcludeInSchema is undefined for the annotation type ApiMember /example/src/main/java/nassist/api/client/example line 3937 Java Problem


@Route(Path="/gateways/{GatewayId}/unblock", Verbs="POST")
public static class GatewayToggleUnblockedStatus implements IReturn<GatewayToggleUnblockedStatusResponse>
    @ApiMember(Name="GatewayId", Description="Gateway Id", ParameterType="path", DataType="Guid", IsRequired=true, Verb="POST", ExcludeInSchema=true)
    public UUID GatewayId = null;
    public UUID getGatewayId() { return GatewayId; }
    public GatewayToggleUnblockedStatus setGatewayId(UUID value) { this.GatewayId = value; return this; }
    private static Object responseType = GatewayToggleUnblockedStatusResponse.class;
    public Object getResponseType() { return responseType; }

Thanks I’ve added the missing ExcludeInSchema property in this commit.

It will be available in the next 1.0.24 release of the Java plugins early next week.