Java client sending requests to /json/reply/{MyDto} - not working behind proxy

I am using Azure API Management to manage access to our APIs. This creates a Proxy in front of my actual API.
We are testing the ServiceStack Java JsonServiceClient and the client is adding /json/reply/ to each request which is failing since the proxy is not set up with those end points.

I test the Client using and C# and neither of those inserts the /json/reply to the URL.

Is there a workaround to this?


No all native type clients other than .NET use the pre-defined routes.

Could I replace the URL being used with a GlobalRequestFilter? What would that look like?

No it’s not possible, only the .NET clients have all the necessary routing metadata data to be able to use custom routes.

If you want to send to a different route other than the pre-defined routes you will need to use the APIs that accept a relative URL.