Jezz Santos - 477 - Feb 26, 2014

ServiceStack Toolkit!

(For those who took an interest in the proposal (earlier this week) for building a toolkit that might help the community build ServiceStack web services much quicker and more consistently. Thanks for your feedback.)

I wanted to launch the ‘ServiceStack Toolkit’, and demo an example of some of the possibilities and potential of such a toolkit for this community. Please take a look at:

Ideally I’d like to see other SME’s take this project and run with it, as I myself and still learning how to use SS more effectively. And ideally, I’d want to move the git repo to somewhere more central to ServiceStack. Please advise.

Great Stuff Jezz, I recommend making the video more prominent, like having a screenshot of the video in the page and having it link to the youtube video.

Ryan Britton:

you da man Jezz. Will download and take a look, then provide feedback :slight_smile: