Joining a table cause "Column 'Id' in where clause is ambiguous"

Im trying to add simple row level security and join user table the following way:

var query = 
                db.From<ResearchEntity>().Where(x => x.Id == id);
                query.Join<AppUserAuth>((x, y) => x.CreatedBy.Id == int.Parse(session.UserAuthId));
                var data = await db.LoadSelectAsync(query);

I am getting from MySQL: “Column ‘Id’ in where clause is ambiguous”
I have tried to add table options with alias with no success…
What am I missing?

You can’t query on nested columns, e.g x.CreatedBy.Id i.e. you can only query the columns of the table you’re joining as you would in SQL.

I have on ResearchEntity the fields CreatedBy and LastUpdatedBy
I want to join the CreatedBy and do where clause on the CreatedBy.Id.
What are my options?

With OrmLite you’d structure your query how you would in SQL, than Type it. There’s no magic query conversions, it’s essentially just a Typed SQL query with any custom Select projections at the end. Querying a field on a joined table is the same as you would do it in SQL.