JsConfig<Y>.OnDeserializingFn equivalent for OrmLite

I have a POCO with a property of type List.

public class X {
  public IList<Y> Ys {get;set;}

The list is serialised in the db as Jsv by OrmLite.

When retrieving the type X using OrmLite, the below functions do not hook in to the deserialisation process:


How can I get access to the object deserialisation when OrmLite is in charge?

Note: I’ve implemented IStringSerializer for OrmLiteConfig.DialectProvider.StringSerializer, but I don’t like it because it requires extra internal SS implementation knowledge (I’m thinking of other developers that have to maintain this code) - there are two deserialisation methods, its a non obvious implementation (I can catch IList< Y> being deserialised but not Y)

Firstly I’d recommend against using Interfaces in POCO’s, IList<T> is especially useless since it’s almost always holding a concrete List<T>.

OrmLite uses ServiceStack.Text by default so the same JsConfig will also apply for OrmLite, OrmLite doesn’t have any explicit callbacks itself.

That’s what the code looked like to me and I expected it to just work, I’ll do up a sample if I get some spare time.