JSON DTOS date property

SS is returning a string property for a date field - ‘/Date(1606208773433)/’, do I have to do extra parsing in JS to get the value of the date in order for me to use it?

This answer contains info on parsing JSON dates:

The default WCF Date that’s returned in ServiceStack.Text can be converted with:

function todate (s) { 
    return new Date(parseFloat(/Date\(([^)]+)\)/.exec(s)[1])); 

Which if you’re using the servicestack-client npm package can be resolved with:

import { todate } from "servicestack-client";
var date = todate(wcfDateString);

Or if using ss-utils.js that’s built into ServiceStack:

var date = $.ss.todate(wcfDateString);

If you change ServiceStack.Text default serialization of Date to either use the ISO8601 date format:

JsConfig.DateHandler = DateHandler.ISO8601;

It can be parsed natively with:

new Date(dateString)

Likewise when configured to return:

JsConfig.DateHandler = DateHandler.UnixTimeMs;

It can also be converted natively with:

new Date(unixTimeMs)
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