JsonHttpClient: dates have unix format; need ISO8601

When I use the JsonHttpClient to send requests to my ServiceGateway, the date format is Unix, when I require it to be ISO8601.My ServiceGateway’s AppHost has an appropriate JsConfig.

Is there a JsConfig for the JsonHttpClient, similar to the AppHost?

(My ServiceGateway is working when using the SwaggerUI or unit tests.)

JsonHttpClient uses ServiceStack’s same JSON Serializer & Configuration, are you configuring the JSON Serializer in both client & server, i.e. in every .NET App Domain where JsonHttpClient is used?

I did not see how to configure on the client, so if you have a pointer, I would be grateful.

There’s only one configuration API for ServiceStack.Text JSON Serializers, e.g:

JsConfig.Init(new Config { 
    DateHandler = DateHandler.ISO8601

Excellent advice, as always.
I simply reused my JsConfig settings from the server in the client code; worked perfectly. Thank you.