Jsonhttpclient not sending headers when doing a GET

I switched to using this client and my secured operations started to raise exceptions since the clent was not sending the bearer token in the headers anymore.

Looking at the code for the jsonhttpclient in git hub :
Is there any reason why if httpMethod.HasRequestBody() == false the headers are not sent ?

from git hub

public Task SendAsync(string httpMethod, string absoluteUrl, object request)
118 {

148 if (httpMethod.HasRequestBody() && request != null)
149 {
150 foreach (var name in Headers.AllKeys)
151 {
152 httpReq.Headers.Add(name, Headers[name]);
153 }

78 }
179 }

Hi, this should now be fixed from this commit which is now available from v4.0.47 that’s now available on MyGet.