JsonServiceClient Demo App - Flutter - still a good resource?

Hey Mythz,

I’m beginning to use Flutter/Dart to create Android/IOS apps, started a cpl days ago. Making my way through an app, but now it’s time for auth and my api to grab data/have it protected, etc. It doesn’t seem too difficult and have used xamarin.forms before as well. .NET Maui is not mature enough yet I don’t think. I’ve also about had it with trying to create complex web apps anymore. I just run across too many issues, like resolving of modules and sveltekit now a lot different than svelte. Sveltekit seems wonderful for web sites, but not web applications. I spend more time fixing crazy build errors than coding.

Anyways, I’ve gotten more done with flutter in a couple days than I did in I don’t know how long with these JS frameworks. It’s prob mostly me, but I’m used Microsoft and more backend work. So I’ll be using flutter/dart for the FE and your api on the BE, except for times when I can use the locode (which is great).

Is the flutter example from 2018 even relevant anymore at all? Is it too out of date and I’ll be learning incorrect way’s of doing things or is it good to go still? Should i use gRPC or just the JsonServiceClient still?

Also, now should the services solution be completely separate from flutter solution/project? Or use a UI and API folder like the jamstacks do? Just wanted a good nudge in the right direction with the newest .NET 6 ServiceStack and integration with flutter. And if anyone has any good learning resources for flutter, esp with SS that would be appreciated as well!

Thanks in advance!

Which flutter example are you referring to?

But I would also recommend Flutter for x-plat mobile apps using ServiceStack’s Dart Add ServiceStack Reference support, it’s the cleaner option that supports Dart’s Mobile, Desktop & Web options if you need it.

As it uses a generic JsonServiceClient, it has a nicer typed API to work with vs the proxy generated gRPC client, that also follows the same dev model as every other JsonServiceClient which makes it easier to port code to another language if you need it, e.g. if you want to move to React Native later.

Thanks for the quick response! I was referring to HelloFlutter

And yep I’ve been using cross-platform Flutter, Flutter 3 and Dart 2.3 or something like that and used the Add Service Stack Reference. And the JsonServiceClient is what I’ve been using in the web apps so at least familiar with it now. So it seems I’m at least heading in the right direction I think. Oh wait, you mean the Platform neutral usage of IServiceClient. Ok, I’ll def use that in case needed in future. Thanks!

Oh, it does seem like there are DTO’s that aren’t being created in my dtos.dart file like Register and RegisterReponse, and the other auth classes, types, etc. If I make a typescript file (just to test if it adds them) it does add those to it, but not the dart file?

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we’re building a quite big ipad app with flutter for 2 years now and use the JsonServiceClient.

we noticed some minor bugs which got fixed by demis instantly. the client integration with servicestack is rock solid, so i can higly recommend to use it.