JsonServiceClient exposing StackTrace

Can I confirm that when using the JsonServiceClient to make a request to a ServiceStack service, that if the service exposes a StackTrace in an error response, that the JsonServiceClient would somehow include that StackTrace in the WebServiceException that the serviceclient subsequently throws for the error response?

In fiddler, when my HostConfig.Debug = true, I do see the server side StackTrace in the response, but the WebServiceException that is thrown client side does not indicate the StackTrace when logged out, which is a pain in debugging services.

I just wanted to confirm what should be happening, since we have a customized JsonServiceClient of our own, and I am wondering if we have missed some built-in functionality with this derived version.

If your Response DTO has a ResponseStatus property it should be populated with the Server StackTrace.

Thanks, indeed the DTO does contain the StackTrace.
AND I see the StackTrace on the wire in the error response.

I was really asking what code (in what class) gets the value of the StackTrace from the response and exposes it to the JsonServiceClient, and (in what class) is it set to the WebServiceException that is thrown?

When in doubt just check the source, see creation of WebServiceException in ServiceClientBase and impl of WebServiceException.cs.