Keeping up to date with SqlClient?

I was wondering, with the new package ServiceStack.OrmLite.SqlServer.Data, how do we keep up to date with the releases of SqlClient?


Latest release is 1.1.0 which looks to have relevant changes to the driver.

Or will we have to wait for each major release of OrmLite? I also want to reduce conflicts as we do have some projects that use this lib standalone and I need to make sure one dep is not updated over the other.

Either wait for new releases which are upgraded to the latest dependency version before each major ServiceStack release or use the pre-release builds on MyGet. You can send a PR or request here that you want their dependencies upgraded to the latest version if you need it in the interim.

I’ve just upgraded Microsoft.Data.SqlClient to the latest 1.1.0 which is now available from the latest v5.7.1 on MyGet.