Kotlin AndroidServiceClient - request is not properly generated


In kotlin 1.03 AndroidServiceClient is generating request with all properties set to null.
I track down error to this function:


public static boolean isKotlinClass(Class type) {
    Annotation[] arr$ = type.getAnnotations();
    int len$ = arr$.length;

    for(int i$ = 0; i$ < len$; ++i$) {
        Annotation attr = arr$[i$];
        if("kotlin.jvm.internal.KotlinClass".equals(attr.annotationType().getName())) {
            return true;
    return false;

It seems that now kotlin classes are annotated with kotlin.Metadata instead of kotlin.jvm.internal.KotlinClass

Thanks for reporting this issue, we’ve resolved it in this commit which runs fine locally but we’re having issues upgrading the Android SDK on our build server.

I’ll let you know when we’ve resolved the issue and published a new version with this fix.

Ok we’ve got the CI Server working again and have published a new v1.0.27 of the client library with this latest fix which you can upgrade to by specifying 1.0.27 in your build.gradle, e.g:

dependencies {
    compile 'net.servicestack:android:1.0.27'

I’m seeing this issue again now in version 1.0.32
Could you please check this?

I’ve upgraded to the latest version of Android Studio / Kotlin and all tests still pass.

Maybe I’m wrong but I think that you are using client version 1.0.27

That’s just the androidchat App, the tests in the android and client library projects run the source code directly, i.e. they don’t reference the net.servicestack:android external package.

I’ve updated to the latest version of Android Studio, SDK, deps and Test Unit projects in this commit and all tests continue to pass without library changes. When reporting issues in future please include an example that can be run locally to repro the issue.

OK, I will try to reinstall everything on fresh virtual machine.
I have tried with very simple Hello app from your template on server side and basic android app with just one activity and still getting request without values ( on client version 1.0.27 everything is OK)

If reinstall does not help I will put simple example on github.


FYI I’ve added some missing properties in this commit and redeployed the Java packages. The latest version is now 1.0.35.