License validation error after switching to .NET 6 WebApplication Hosting Model


I have an app running on .Net 6 and after I switched to the WebApplication Hosting Model (, I get the “The free-quota limit on ‘10 ServiceStack Operations’ has been reached” license validation error.

My appsettings.json has not changed, and reverting to the previous version of my app works.

I tried activating the license in code in program.cs, but that did not help.

Is there a special setting required after we switch to the IHostingStartup model?



This error is when no License Key is registered, how are you registering your License Key?

If you provide how your License Key is configured in appsettings.json (with key scrubbed out) I can verify if it’s ok or not.

I would check you don’t have any conflicting keys registered elsewhere, e.g. in your Environment variables, you should also clean bin/ and obj/ folders to clean out existing artifacts and do a clean rebuild. Registering the License Key before your AppHost in Program.cs should work unless there’s some conflict like incompatible .dll references.

If that doesn’t help, we’ll need someway to repro the issue, e.g. a link to a stand-alone repro on GitHub.