License - When do I need to update the license key

Sometime in autumn 2017 I renewed my license and I got a new key. I have some servers in production where I did not change the source code with the new key.

Recently I updated to ServiceStack 5 and then got an error that my license is expired. Yeah I forgot to replace the old key with the new one I got when renewing my subscription!

So my question is: When do I have to redeploy my software with a new key?? I have quite a bunch of servers running at different customers and I do not like to redeploy all of them just because my subscription expired!

  • Does this only happen if I upgrade the product (e.g. from 4.x to
    5.x)? That would be fine since I have to redeploy anyway.
  • What if a new major version is released WHILE the subscription is still valid. I redeploy but still have a key from the previous version. Will it throw an error one day after my subscription has expired if I do NOT replace the key and redistribute all my services??? (that would be very bad!)
    [To clarify: If my subscription expires on October 1st, V6 would come out lets say in July and I redeploy my servers with the new version in September (but with my key that expires on October 1st so the key would still be valid at that time), would my customers see an error beginning with October 2nd???]

Thanks for clarification!

You have to update your key when you update your packages. Your existing Apps running existing versions of ServiceStack can continue using the old key indefinitely, they’ll only need to be updated to use the new license key if they update their packages.

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