License with multiple teams

We have come to a licensing discussion here and would like some clarification/recommendation:

If a company have multiple teams. Team A is 10 developers and team B is 100 developers.

Team A develops a ServiceStack based API. This is published public to end customers.
Team B does not develop a ServiceStack based API, they do however consume api of team A (that is they use ServiceStack.Client), just as the customers do.

Now, does the company need 10 developer licences, or 110, or should they benefit from a core or site license in this situation?

Licenses are only required for developers contributing code to a solution where a license key is used in a project (i.e to allow unrestricted usage of ServiceStack libraries).

ServiceStack.Client is unrestricted and does not require a license key so Team B won’t need to purchase or register any licenses.

As a goal we allow unrestricted usage for consuming ServiceStack Services.

Thank you for the clarification!