Locode crashes when clicking column header in Edit mode

I’ve found a way to reproduce:

Inside Locode, Add new, then click on a field that links to a related table. The modal correctly appears with data, but if I click on one header (to search, as there’s no search function on top), this appears in console:

petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1 TypeError: prefs is not a function
    at Proxy.FilterColumn (QueryTasks:3215:20)
    at eval (eval at We (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:8737), <anonymous>:3:20)
    at Le (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:8684)
    at Be (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:8608)
    at Ue (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:12873)
    at new rt (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:15383)
    at L.fn (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:12723)
    at L.run (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:2501)
    at ve (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:6211)
Le @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
Be @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
Ue @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
rt @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
(anonymous) @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
run @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
ve @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
Promise.then (async)
me @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
ge @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
scheduler @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
Z @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
J @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
(anonymous) @ petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1
selectColumn @ QueryTasks:4306
eval @ VM977:3
petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '$template')
    at Ue (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:12902)
    at new rt (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:15383)
    at L.fn (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:12723)
    at L.run (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:2501)
    at ve (petite-vue.js?vfx=6,60:1:6211)

I’m on version 6.6.0 of ServiceStack.

The URL (in network tab) seems to use Take=10 but SS returns only 3 rows (and there’s plenty left in the DB).

Hi @specimen151, thanks for the reporting the issue. I can also reproduce the problem, and have applied a fix in this commit which is now available in MyGet and GitHub Packages.

Let me know if you have any other issues with modal filtering with the new version.

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As you’re using Locode please checkout Locode v2 post where Locode has been rewritten to use Vue 3:

It’s now available on MyGet if you want to check it out and let us know of any issues you run into.