Log4Net and .NET Core

Stefan Bodewig from Log4Net released a .NET Core compatible version of Log4net (v2.0.6):

(Source: https://github.com/apache/log4net/pull/16)

Is Log4Net on the roadmap to be also made compatible to the .NET Core releases of ServiceStack?
Seems some APIs changed there from 2.0.5 to 2.0.6.

Seems like Log4Net currently suffers from having not enough contributors (See Stefan Bodewig's Weblog).
Do you have, in general, any opinion about Log4Net as a future proof logging framework?

/Edit: I just ported the ServiceStack.Logging.Log4Net to .NET Core myself, now testing with the dependency to log4net 2.0.6.

I think ServiceStack.Logging.Log4net will be ported when log4net be officially released on nuget. What I see they removed getting logger by name from API and this can raise some issues after porting, but need to try it first to say more precisely. Anyway @mythz makes final decision.

Log4Net have got only minor improvements/bug fixes for last 10 years, so the lack of contributors it’s not only last time issue of log4net. To be continue be good logging framework they need to found a way to quick respond to community requests.

Hey, we don’t intend to add any .NET Logging libraries for .NET Core as we’re just forwarding all logging calls to the .NET Core logging abstraction so you will only need to configure logging in 1 place using .NET Core’s abstraction and logging adapters and it will apply to the entire App (i.e. .NET Core + ServiceStack).

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