Logging CsvRequestLogger data to database

Hello @mythz ,

I have enabled the RequestLogger (CsvRequestLogger) feature and using the default settings I am able to see the csv file is being generated on the hard drive and logs are being recorded in the csv file, so far so good.

May I kindly request you to please guide me that how can I enhance the RequestLogger or use it in a way that I want to pick and choose specific columns data and store it in the log table in my postgres SQL database.
I want to store the columns values in the database which are available via the RequestLogger (CsvRequestLogger) which are mentioned below


Appreciate your kind guidance with some code snippet.


Here’s the implementation of CsvRequestLogger.

If you want to enhance it you should be able to create a subclass that performs the default implementation plus your own by either overriding WriteLogs or Log methods, e.g:

public class MyDbLog
    // Include all properties you want in DB Table    

public class MyRequestLogger : CsvRequestLogger
    public override void WriteLogs(List<RequestLogEntry> logs, string logFile)
        using var db = HostContext.AppHost.GetDbConnection();
        var rows = logs.Map(x => x.ConvertTo<MyDbLog>());
        base.WriteLogs(logs, logFile);

You’ll need to create your RDBMS table using either db.CreateTable<T>() or in a OrmLite DB Migrations if you’re using it.

Thanks @mythz, I will follow your suggestion.

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