Logging ServiceStack errors

We are using Log4Net as our logging provider. On top of that, we are using Ben.Demystifier with the intent to log a clearer and easier to read stack traces.

I saw that errors thrown by OrmLite does not appear to work like every other errors, and I saw this:

That method throws log4net.ILog.Error(object message). That method has the following remark:

/// <para><b>WARNING</b> Note that passing an <see cref="T:System.Exception" />
/// to this method will print the name of the <see cref="T:System.Exception" />
/// but no stack trace. To print a stack trace use the
/// <see cref="M:Error(object,Exception)" /> form instead.
/// </para>

This leads to:

  • log4net logging an error without a real exception in it
  • logging just the beginning of the exception, without the real and complete stacktrace.

Could you pass and empty string when message is null, so the correct overload is called?

Thank you

Updated in this commit.