Login page dosn't work in 6.7 unless chooing type

Just to let you know that with 6.7, the login page now shows both JWT and Credentials as “tabs” above login window, but it displays the form corresponding to Credentials without actually clicking that button.

So then if I enter credentials, it doesn’t actually call the credentials provider. However if I press the Credentials “tab/button”, then it goes to credentials and works.

It’s a small thing but very confusing. Trying to log in and in, and it never works…

The screenshot shows a freshly loaded page, not clicked the buttons, then filling out creds, and it doesn’t work. Click creds first, then it works.

I can’t repro this, where are you loading the sign in dialog from? What’s your AuthFeature configuration?

The sign-in dialog is from the /ui path. Although I have put it under a sub-path like this:

SetConfig(new HostConfig
            DebugMode = AppSettings.Get(nameof(HostConfig.DebugMode), false),
            HandlerFactoryPath = "api"   // so SS knows we're served behind this path, meaning /ui won't work, but /api/ui works (for example)

Here’s the auth config:

 appHost.Plugins.Add(new AuthFeature(() => 
            new CustomUserSession(),
            new IAuthProvider[] {
                new ConfigCredentialsAuthProvider(AppSettings),
                new ActiveDirectoryCredentialsAuthProvider(AppSettings),
                new JwtAuthProvider(AppSettings) { 

ActiveDirectoryCredentialsAuthProvider is a subclass of CredentialsAuthProvider by the way. I put a breakpoint here and see that it’s not called, until I click the “credentials” tab/button first.

Here’s a screenshot with the URL and everything:

Can you try moving ActiveDirectoryCredentialsAuthProvider so it’s the first Auth Provider.

That works, then I don’t need to select first.

The only difference I can see in the headers is this one (the query param appears when selecting the credentials button):

referer: https://localhost:5001/api/ui/?provider=credentials