Make ExecNonQueryAsync public instead of internal?

In my continued attempt to convert a lot of my stuff to async, I am in need of ExecuteNonQueryAsync hanging off an IDbCommand. My specific use-case is using a SqlProc that has a few output parameters, but no result-set so therefore is currently a cmd.ExecuteNonQuery. I noticed in the code that there is a ExecNonQueryAsync but it is currently internal.

I can simply use a cmd.GetDialectProvider().ExecuteNonQueryAsync(cmd) to achieve what I need but it looks like that might bypass any OrmLiteConfig.ResultsFilter that I might put in the future (I gather this from the current check inside ExecNonQueryAsync where it might use InTask instead).

All that to say, is there a chance ExecNonQueryAsync could be switch to public from internal? Or is there a better option?

Sure, if you’re still in the PR mood feel-free to send another request :slight_smile: other let me know and I can do it.

Sounds good. I’m about to call it a day so I’ll try to get to it tomorrow.