Mapping VirtualFileSource to path

With S3VirtualFiles, can I map a virtual path of /s3 to the bucket root ‘/’ dir?
Is it possible to map a root directory alias for a virtualfilesource?

// how to map /s3 virtual directory for this VFP's / dir 
var s3Client = new AmazonS3Client(_apiConfig.AwsConfig.S3AccessKey, _apiConfig.AwsConfig.S3Secret, RegionEndpoint.GetBySystemName(_apiConfig.AwsConfig.S3Region));
var s3VirtualFiles = new S3VirtualFiles(s3Client, _apiConfig.AwsConfig.S3Bucket);

No it just maps to the S3 bucket, it doesn’t support aliases.

Here’s the S3VirtualPathProvider implementation if you wanted to create a custom implementation that does what you want.