Markdown Razor support in 5.1.0 (full framework)

Reading this:

The MVC HTML Helpers for ASP.NET ServiceStack.Razor has been moved to the ServiceStack.Razor project. This should be a transparent change as it needed ServiceStack.Razor to make use of them.

Markdown Razor and its MarkdownFormat was also moved to ServiceStack.Razor as they were built on older Code DOM technology which isn’t available on .NET Core and saw its feature-set stripped down to bare Markdown functionality.


I am unclear from the 2nd paragraph if I should expect it to be partially broken (while still targeting 4.6.1). If so I need more details. I don’t believe that is the case, but need clarity.

Also I see earlier in the notes the recommendation to add:

Plugins.Add(new MarkdownFormat());

However, I notice I already have this line:

        Plugins.Add(new RazorFormat
            LoadFromAssemblies = { typeof(BaseTypeMarker).Assembly }

…so do I need both? Does the order matter?

RazorFormat is for ServiceStack Razor support, for Markdown Razor you just need to register MarkdownFormat.

Although we recommend instead using ServiceStack Templates as it’s much more powerful, simpler, cleaner and works everywhere. The transformers feature shows how you can easily add Markdown support to make it work like Markdown Razor where you can have .md content pages and .html layouts.

The latest version in v5.1.1 on MyGet also has added support for evaluating JavaScript expressions which makes it easy to move JavaScript logic snippets from the client to the server and vice versa.