Metadata and API Explorer (ui) showing AdminDashboard routes, among others

I’m seeing APIs show up that I wouldn’t expect to see here. Namely, the admin routes. I also wouldn’t expect to see the auth routes here. I can’t find anything in my configuration that I’m doing wrong.


These are the new APIs for the Admin UIs, are you seeing them in DebugMode? also which version are you using?

I tried in debug vs release build - no change. I’m on 6.2. Brand new project started this week.

Can you try not running in DebugMode:

SetConfig(new HostConfig { 
    DebugMode = false

If that doesn’t change the behavior you can you try with the latest v6.2.1 on MyGet.

Ah, that! OK. It’s gone. Ugh sorry. Stupid Misunderstanding on my part about how that DebugMode flag works there.

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Note you’d typically wouldn’t need to set the DebugMode flag as it defaults to whether or not your App is run in ASP.NET Core development environment so you’ll see more details during development which you wont see when you publish the App.