Metadata feature accessibility refinement


we have recently upgraded our ServiceStack from 5.13.2 to 6.4.0. We have noticed that Metadata page, if enabled, now contains considerable more information about the operations. We find this somewhat problematic as especially Code tab reveals our usings and namespaces - something we would really not like to expose.

Is there maybe currently a way to show Metadata the way it was shown with 5.13.2, and if not, would it be an option in future ServiceStack releases to refine disabling Metadata feature to certain tabs (API, Details, Code…)

Thank you for your support!

You can restore the old HtmlFormat with:

ServiceStack.Templates.HtmlTemplates.HtmlFormatName = "HtmlFormatLegacy.html";

Wait you’re only upgrading to v6.4 so you wouldn’t have this feature yet, can you show a screenshot of what you’re trying to hide? Or include a link to a live demo,e .g:

That’s API Explorer, you can remove it with:

Plugins.RemoveAll(x => x is UiFeature);

Yes, since we just moved to ServiceStack version 6.x, we were not aware of this new feature. The above line does remove the links, however, in the detail page for Json format, the same code is still shown.

Is there by any chance a way to hide also those details?

You’ll need a local custom copy of OperationControl.html

To override the built-in version by saving it at this location:


That includes some javascript to remove the links by adding something like this at the bottom of the page:

Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('nav a'))
    .forEach(a => = a.className === 'active' ? 'inline' : 'none')

From next v6.8+ you’ll be able to hide them with:

ServiceStack.Templates.HtmlTemplates.ShowLanguages = false;

Thank you very much for your answers, we will plan our further steps accordingly. Thanks again!