Michael Daly - 149 - Jan 31, 2014

I just added ServiceStack.OrmLite.MySql to a project, it is referencing an old version of MySql.Data (6.6.4), but installs a newer one. So I had to install the old version of MySql.Data manually.

We are having issues where, Guid’s are being returned as 00000000000000000000000000000000 by Ormlite. 

I just want to check if there are any known issues with Ormlite and MySql.Data (6.6.4), while I begin to debug this.

Michael Daly:

I think it’s a bug, the Ormlite deserializer is expecting a guid with dashes, but Ormlite saves guids without dashes in MySql 

I’ll report on github

This should be fixed now with v4.09 on MyGet:

Hardy Erlinger:

Just FYI: the guid issue also occurs with ServiceStack.OrmLite.SQLite. Guids are saved without dashes and queries using the same guid don’t return the respective record because the value without dashes isn’t found. I thought this problem was restricted to SQLite but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Henrik Elkjær Hagen:

I had the same reference issue some time ago. Try to remove the servicestack references from your project. Then get the latest servicestack packages from nuget.

Michael Daly:

OK, I just created a new console app, and installed SS.Ormlite.MySql. There were no issues with references to MySql.Data.

Ormlite is still returning Guids as 00000000000000000000000000000000

Hardy Erlinger:

Thanks a lot, +Demis Bellot. I can confirm that the problem is fixed in v4.09 as far as SQLite is concerned. I can’t speak for +Michael Daly and MySQL, though …

Michael Daly:

I just tested, it’s not fixed yet. Will detail on github.

That’s because you need to let ormlite recreate the table/column or manually change it to char(36)

Michael Daly:

Gotit, after recreating table it’s working