Michael Daly - 330 - Jan 18, 2014

I wanted to contribute some code which required adding to ServiceStack.Interfaces. As I don’t have the pfx file for code signing, I can’t just swap in and out the updated dll for testing as my test project and the whole ServiceStack project won’t build. It looks like quite a bit of messing about to get this to work.

Demis, is there a better way you can organise the project for people who don’t have the pfx, or, are there any nice instructions on how I can reorganise the project?

I don’t think there is, in order for signed and non-signed projects to be able to share DTO’s they both need to use the signed ServiceStack.Interfaces.dll. 

I would avoid trying to add things to SS.Interfaces and add it to your own projects that you have full control over instead.

Michael Daly:

I was going to make a small enhancement to the Swagger plugin, which would require either a new attribute or a change to an existing attribute in SS.Interfaces, plus some new logic in SS.Api.Swagger for building the JSON model.

As it’s a core part of SS, I couldn’t see any other way of improving the built in support for Swagger. It’s not a big deal, just thought the change looked simple an obvious to implement.

Are you still accepting contributions or veering away from outside contributions now?

Yep, still taking Contributions with a CLA, published some Contributing guidelines at: https://github.com/ServiceStack/ServiceStack/wiki/Contributing
Yeah adding changes to SS.Interfaces via a pull-request would be the least disruptive way to get it in there.

Wayne Brantley:

Yes Michael, share your enhancements so we can all benefit!  :-)