Michał Gajek - 413 - Aug 25, 2014

Hi, I seem to have a problem with built-in MiniProfiler. The request to ssr-results[…] returns 404. http://i.imgur.com/fxei7HW.png

I’ve set up the simple project to show that (although it’s nothing more than an empty MVC app with Profiler.Start() and Profiler.Stop() calls and a simple app host):

What have I done wrong? 

Darren Reid:

Strange, not sure why it would be causing profiler issue, but the path you are using for the sqlite db seems to be running into permissions issue.
I pull down your example and got it working by changing the path to the db.sqlite

Try changing your db.sqlite path to:


Michał Gajek:

+Darren Reid thank you very much! btw 404 is quite misleading here…