Michał Gajek - 415 - Aug 17, 2014

Hi, any idea why ServiceStack.pdb cannot be loaded from symbolsource? http://i.imgur.com/M1rXbS9.png 

for other ServiceStack assemblies (for example ServiceStack.Text) it works fine.

SymbolSource had errors on last release day, hopefully it’s only temporary. But there have been problems with not being able to debug ServiceStack.pdb from SymbolSource, which just stopped working a while ago, with no clear reason why.

Michał Gajek:

actually it didn’t worked for me when 4.0.24 was released either … anyway, thanks for the reply

Grzegorz Zielinski:

I wrote about this problem a few times. Unfortunately, it still exists.
ServiceStack.pdb file is not sent to the SymbolsSource server and I do not think that the problem is on the SymbolsSource side.
Denis here is info how to werify SymbolsSource files:

Michał Gajek:

+Demis Bellot any chances to get just ServiceStack.pdb published somewhere else?

Sure, you can find them in: https://github.com/ServiceStack/ServiceStack/tree/master/lib

Grzegorz Zielinski:

That still does not solve the problem.Now pdb’s on github have different timestamps and signatures than the dll’s in nuget package. So we still can’t debug :frowning:

Grzegorz Zielinski:

…and we have two different versions:
- on github
- on nuget

So we can’t debug last version (because is avaliable only as nuget, without sources and without pdbs).
This is very frustrating and time wasting.

Denis can you publish pdbs to version ?

Note: I always try to publish the nuget package symbols whenever I do a release, the last release several packages failed to upload to symbolsource with server errors.

I’ve just published a new v4.0.31 release again and this time they all uploaded to symbolsource without any errors uploading. Of course just because they uploaded fine doesn’t mean they will let you debug all of them via VS .NET. 

Grzegorz Zielinski:

Maybe I’ll try to talk to the guys from symbolsource ? Can you send me error log ?

They all uploaded successfully this time so there was no error log, but if you can find out any more info why it still may not work that would be appreciated.

Grzegorz Zielinski:

Symbols for 4.0.31 does not work. Are you sure that the pdb files have been sent to symbols source without errors ?
You can check symbols server status with nuget package explorer and symbol source plugin (http://www.symbolsource.org/Public/Blog/View/2011-11-15/Updated_NuGet_Package_Explorer_Plugin)
As usual:
ServiceStack.dll: NotFound
ServiceStack.Common.dll: NotFound
ServiceStack.Text.dll: FOUND

I checked pdb for old service stack versions and PDB for versions prior 4 are uploaded correctly. Versions from 4.0.x does not have PDB.

Yeah they were all uploaded correctly, example log from TeamCity:
[05:26:37] : [Step 1/2] push: Publish package symbols\ServiceStack.4.0.31.symbols.nupkg (6s)
[05:26:37] : [push] NuGet command: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\plugins\nuget-agent\bin\JetBrains.TeamCity.NuGetRunner.exe C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\tools\NuGet.CommandLine.DEFAULT.nupkg\tools\NuGet.exe push C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\21f9e2943407e9e3\symbols\ServiceStack.4.0.31.symbols.nupkg %%teamcity_nuget_api_key_1409736397077%%
[05:26:37] : [push] Starting: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\agentTmp\custom_script2691488764376731562.cmd
[05:26:37] : [push] in directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\21f9e2943407e9e3\symbols
[05:26:37] : [push] JetBrains TeamCity NuGet Runner 8.0.30168.9
[05:26:37] : [push] Registered additional extensions from paths: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\plugins\nuget-agent\bin\plugins-2.8
[05:26:37] : [push] Starting NuGet.exe 2.8.50506.491 from C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\tools\NuGet.CommandLine.DEFAULT.nupkg\tools\NuGet.exe
[05:26:38] : [push] Pushing ServiceStack 4.0.31 to the symbol server (http://nuget.gw.symbolsource.org/Public/NuGet).
[05:26:43] : [push] Your package was pushed.
[05:26:43] : [push] Process exited with code 0

But yeah looks like the .pdb wasn’t being included for main ServiceStack NuGet pkg, I’ve updated the build script to explicitly copy ServiceStack.pdb with the latest v4.0.32 that’s now on MyGet:
Whilst I’ve just deployed the symbols for MyGet to SymbolSource, I’m not sure where they end up as I can’t find the v4.0.32 MyGet symbol packages on the Symbol Source anywhere so I’ve uploaded them on GitHub for the time being at: https://github.com/ServiceStack/Assets/tree/master/symbols