Miniprofiler with .Net Core

##.Net Core + Miniprofiler v4

Hi guys, with the new profiler v4 merged on master that runs on Netstandard 1.5, are we going to see an update to be able to use it with all the goodies that were built in previous versions or is it still too much of a stretch over the previous implementation that was done for SS?

You might also be waiting on MiniProfiler.Shared to be out of alpha.

Just curious!

Thanks a lot for the info.


We’re not going to be able to update the built-in version with MiniProfiler v4, the existing version was trimmed down to remove its JSON.NET and jQuery dependencies so it could be embedded in ServiceStack.dll and it’s too coupled to System.Web classes which is why it’s not available in .NET Core builds.

For .NET Core you’ll need to use the stand-alone MiniProfiler v4 packages. Ideally you should just be able to use the ASP.NET Core or ASP.NET Core MVC packages where you’ll be able plug it in as Middleware, since ServiceStack itself is just Middleware it should just work, but I can’t seem to find any docs for how to use it in ASP.NET Core Apps, I’m assuming that will come after MiniProfiler.AspNetCore.Mvc is officially released.