Minor Issue with C# Type Generator

Hey there,

I noticed a tiny issue with the C# Type Generator… If there is a escaped character description in ApiMember attribute for a Request DTO, the resulting generated CSharp DTO does not contain the escape sequence. i.e.

[ApiMember(ParameterType = "model", Description = "Description with a backslash - \\"]

Turns into

[ApiMember(ParameterType = "model", Description = "Description with a backlash - \"]

… in the generated csharp code.

I think this is an old problem (i.e. not introduced in 5.1), but your recent work in new type generators reminded me to post about it :smile: Not sure if Add Servicestack Reference does anything to help with this, I’m just looking at the source in /types/csharp.

This should now be resolved from this commit available from v5.1.1 that’s now available on MyGet.

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