Missing asp.net session, POST request on v6.4


I need asp.net session state, and have session decorator set up (details https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8339584/how-can-i-use-a-standard-asp-net-session-object-within-servicestack-service-impl).

However now after upgrading to 6.4 HttpContext.Current is null on POST requests (same request submitted with GET works ok).

Decorator code runs, but HttpContext.Current is null on global filter on POST requests.

Is there a way to get this to work again?

If you can put a stand-alone repro on GitHub I can take a look.

Looks like System.Web.HttpContext.Current is lost after this line:

perhaps thread issue (?)

After this line (on POST request, not GET)

First breakpoint on line 670 and second breakpoint on line 671, running through nulls System.Web.HttpContext.Current.
However breaking on line 670 and stepping over F10 keeps context, and gives normal results.
Test case with GET did not hit this line.

Reverting to 6.3 gives the HttpContext.Current back and request handler works ok.

The context will go to null under same conditions as above (breakpoints on StreamExtensions.cs lines 670 and 671), however the context is back when request handler executes.

Requests are executed on the browsers worker thread, no additional threads are spawned, the fix will be finding out when to use .ConfigAwait() and when not to but without a repro I wont be able to verify it.

Is there a reason you’re linking to the older version of RestHandler as the latest version calls .ConfigAwait(); on CreateRequestAsync:

If you can provide a repro I can identify and resolve it, otherwise if you’re running a local version of ServiceStack can you try adding or removing .ConfigAwait() to check if it resolves it and let me know and I’ll update accordingly.

Since the older version didn’t use ConfigureAwait() whilst the latest version did, it’s very likely the culprit so I’ve changed it to only use ConfigureAwait in .NET Core in this commit.

This change is available from the latest v6.4.1+ that’s now available on MyGet.

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Tested on latest MyGet release, test done earlier works now, HttpContext.Current is available, :+1:
(Not sure how I linked, could be different than version on debugger.)

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I also had the issue where HttpContext.Current is null, and the latest MyGet fixed it. :+1:

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Well, it’s fixed 99% of the time. Got 1 crash recently where it was null again. Is the fix complete or still a WIP?

Reported fixes are completed, if you provide a new repro we can investigate any others.