Missing Metadata after update

Just updated to 6.1.0, and now metadata only shows from localhost. Did something change?

I don’t know what this means, can you show a screenshot, Error HTTP Headers or something?

I get an empty document back, but when I hit it via localhost, I get expected metadata.

Yeah that’s an empty response which we’ve not seen reported before, do you have some configuration that could effect this, e.g. removed default plugins, registered custom handlers, etc?

So nothing that has changed sine our last push which had 6.0.1 (I think) And it does look accurate from localhost, so it’s has to be something in the localhost / non localhost hide/show bits maybe?

Obviously I can’t test locally, but let me know what I can do to help you diagnose this.

Update: We do use [Restrict(VisibleLocalhostOnly = true)] on some endpoints, but most I would expect to be visible from non localhost.

I’m assuming it’s something since we’ve not seen this reported, but I can’t tell what from here so I’d recommend commenting configuration out to test out what may be causing it.

Is there an easy way to test this locally?, since it only surfaces after I push from local machine.
Any particular configuration I should be looking for? Like I said, we haven’t changed any configuration for awhile, but just noticed the behavior when a client reported it.

Anything potentially interfering with the Request Pipeline, like Custom Request Filters, changing default plugins, non-standard default configuration, check logging for any startup exceptions.

Does the /metadata/app.json work? If so what’s the list of plugins you have loaded?

That does.

plugins": {
"loaded": [

Also, its using * “serviceStackVersion”: “6.11”,

The “metadata” plugin is there so that looks ok.

If you can debug, the place where the /metadata handler is returned is:

I’m assuming something is being interfered with, but I couldn’t say what from here.

If you’re using tge MyGet v6.1.1 release, you may have a dirty version, you can try clearing your NuGet packages cache and restoring to get the latest version.

So, the only time we have the issue is when it’s running out in the wild. Locally, my metadata works, and in the wild GitHub Actions build out, so all should be pulled fresh every time.

Here is what I get back from the breakpoint.


Yeah that’s fine, it’s the Handler which renders the /metadata page, I wouldn’t be able to tell why it’s returning an empty response. If you are using MyGet, can you try reverting to the latest NuGet v6.1.0 release.

Ok, I’ll try that and push out and see what it looks like and report back.

FYI I’ve published a new MyGet release and tested that the /metadata page still works.

Yes, it works in 6.1.0. Broken in 6.1.1.

Let me know if I can help you track it down any more?

Any logging errors on Startup or during the /metadata request?

A repro I can run would be the best way to identify the issue.

Nope, no logs, and my project is very large and very custom, it will not be easy to setup a repo, but I don’t know if I can find time to attempt. How can I share privately with you when/if I do?

Hopefully it’s now on your radar, and it’s def. something between 6.1.0 and 6.1.1, and worst case scenario, I can stay at 6.1.0 until it is resolved. i.e. if it happened to me, I’m sure I can’t be the only one, and once it officially gets released, maybe it surfaces more easily and a project that’s easier to reproduce.

Thank-you for your time and attention to this matter :slight_smile: