Missing types in Dart generator

ServiceStack is not generating some types for built-in services.

Just compare the generated output between the Dart and Swift generators:

Swift: https://gist.github.com/tritao/a3f765ff02ce62db3ac139bdf02b09fb
Dart: https://gist.github.com/tritao/fde9fb18ad79abd9c91a6d473828fc61

Note the lack of all authentication and role-related DTOs.

Is this expected or a bug? Any workaround to get all types?

Hi @joao,

This is expected, these types are included in the servicestack-dart client package, so they are explicitly ignored by default for the Dart DTO generator.

Do you need the types without the Dart servicestack-client ?

Hope that helps :+1:

Thanks, that definitely helps, I wasn’t expecting them to be already included with the base client. :+1: