More samples for little bit more complicated architecture

I am very satisfied with the recent samples regarding to setting up the project in cloud (blazor web app + litestream in digitalocean + github actions). I am in progress of migrating projects from “old” infrastructure and monolith architecture and such samples are very helpful.

I would like to ask if there is any plan to provide more advanced samples of setting up little bit more complicated dockerized projects consists of two or more microservices, data replication (for example replication few tables between two databases), MQ communication between services using cloud infrastructure (docker/git hub actions / kubernetes). Also providing cost effective solutions would be beneficial. Another point could be recommended way to set up QA / UAT and prod env would be nice to see.

Thanks for really good job you are doing @mythz and team!

I believe we’ll be looking at Multi Tenant solutions with Litestream in future but otherwise no current plans for anything else, but you can submit feature requests over at:

Where we can better track feature requests and continue the discussion there. We’re only going to be focused on simple, generic cost effective solutions and wont be doing anything with Kubernetes since we have no intentions of using it ourselves.