MsgPack for .Net Core

Trying out ServiceStack on .Net Core - works. Also on live system, but I am now running into an issue. The website we use for communicating to the backend is now using MsgPack. Unfortunately, the .Net Core ServiceStack instance does not yet support this. There is no ServiceStack.MsgPack for .Net Core.

Would it be possible to provide a package to support MsgPack on .Net Core?

Actually just noticed that we’re already referencing MsgPack.Cli which does support .NET Core, i’ll look to cut a .NET Core package for it.

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That’s what I expected :smile:

When done, we will create some blog pages on the things we did and changed to get .Net Core and ServiceStack running on our project and why this is the best thing to do :wink:

Ok v1.0.27 of ServiceStack.MsgPack.Core is now available on NuGet.

Awesome, looking forward to the post :slight_smile: - will definitely help increasing awareness that .NET Core is ready for real-world usage - it’s already my favorite way to host ServiceStack Apps :slight_smile: but we still have lots of work in creating .NET Core templates to make it easy to get started.

The package workt like a charm. Thx! We are working on a complete series of posts. When done, we will inform you.

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