Multi installation, access same ServiceBus

If I deploy my SS services in multiple docker containers, using all the same ServiceBus queues, what will happen when one of my services sends a message into the queue. Will it be picked up by all my instances, or can only once instance process one message in the queue? (through PublishMessage)

Messages published to a queue are only consumed by a single consumer.

So when I deploy multiple instances of the same codebase where I publish and process the messages it is guaranteed that only one of my instances is actually processing the message?

That’s what a Queue does, publishing messages to a topic would publish the message to all subscribers.

Ok clear. So the assumption I made was wrong.

Can I get a confirmation of the following.

I deploy the service that reads/writes to an Azure ServiceBus to IIS. I then change the service workers to 8; this spins up 8 different instances of the service to move the load over these service workers. Each of the 8 of course will get requests that pushes something to AzureBus. All of the 8 are subscribed and can publish messages.

Is it correct to say that every message that is dropped in AzureServiceBus is only processed 1 time by any of the 8 subscribers?

This all seems to be variant of the same question that has already been answered. Refer to Microsoft Docs for the difference between Queues & Topics.

If you need more confirmation than actually try to do the thing you want confirmation of so you can verify the behavior yourself.

Ok sorry to disturb you with the question. Thx.