MultiSettingsWrapper Set - only first?

Noticed that in the MultiSettingsWrapper class, the call to set will only call set on the first item it finds rather than call set on each of the IAppSettings it finds in the enumerable.

My concern is that if I want to store my fallback values in a database, and support local text-file overrides, I cannot use the API to “set” my new default … since the txt file will be first and my db last. What would be the harm of issuing the set call on each appSettings? In that case, those that don’t support write are ok (eg: my local text file overrides) but I can still update the default db settings.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

Yeah it should be written to all appSettings giving it the same behavior as a write-thru cache which I’ve changed in this commit.

This change is now available from v4.5.1 that’s not available on MyGet.